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The Other Palin: Intolerant, Hypocritical, and Uninformed too

I contemplated using precious time to write about Bristol Palin and her comments. The daughter of the uninformed and insignificant vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has proved again that she is her mother’s daughter. Bristol criticized President Obama for considering … Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where it is Not Due

Why do people say someone is brave for expressing a bigoted view? Kirk Cameron, the Growing Pains actor, appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight and said he does not support gay marriage and when it comes to homosexuality in general … Continue reading

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President Barack Obama gave a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, yesterday where he evoked the message of Theodore Roosevelt’s New Nationalism speech of 1910 and made the toughest case yet as an advocate of the American middle class. He referred to … Continue reading

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Institution of Marriage

Shocking news. Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kris Humphries. This was Kim’s second marriage and thus her second divorce. The cute couple stayed together an entire seventy-two days. Wow, I actually predicted it lasting eight months. Kim and Kris are not … Continue reading

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Women’s Equality Day

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President Obama declared August 26th, the 91st anniversary of the Constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote, Women’s Equality Day. Women represent one in four state legislators, 17 members of the Senate, three justices on the Supreme Court, … Continue reading

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