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Don’t You Dare Ask Me That definition: Thug, noun \ˈthəg\ : a violent criminal; a brutal ruffian or assassin: gangster, tough After the State of the Union address a reporter, Michael Scotto, was asking Rep. Michael Grimm about the president’s speech, but then Scotto … Continue reading

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They Don’t Want Your Apology

Keep telling yourself that you are morally superior to the Right because you step up and apologize unnecessarily. The Left misses every opportunity to control the narrative because they are so desperate to please everyone they end up pissing off … Continue reading

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Want to weed out Facebook friends? Piss them off

I posted the TIME magazine link naming President Barack Obama as 2012 Person of the Year on Facebook this morning. And guess what happened? Someone on my friend’s list who had not said or typed so much as a word … Continue reading

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Lies Within the Bubble Backfire

During the entire campaign I was very disgusted by all the race baiting and demonizing coming from the people on the Right aimed at us, the Left, the Democrats, and I went to bed many a night hoping that it … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

Norah O’Donnell from CBS This Morning grilled political consultant Frank Luntz this morning over erroneous polling data from the Republicans. Luntz is famous for assigning fancy sounding words to unpopular republican policies in order to trick people into buying what … Continue reading

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9 Things I Don’t Understand Because They are Illogical

If you have ever relied on government assistance to get on your feet and now that you are doing well you are against that same government assistance for others. If you are against higher taxes and you still believe that … Continue reading

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We’ve Heard It All Before

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Cheese and Rice

If you trust the polls, this is the guy that Americans are all of a sudden giving a second look. Seriously, this is the guy. Mitt Romney Debates Himself: Posted by: TPM and DailyKos P.S. cheese and rice © 2012, … Continue reading

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