Annoying Rich Guy

Every now and then there is a person that I would like to deliver a solid slap to the face. I’m not a violent person, but sometimes I tell you. This week it’s Donald Trump. He is in Nevada and plans to endorse one of the republican presidential candidates, but no one really knows what he is going to say. I have to ask this question: Who gives a shit?

Donald Trump is a self-serving rich guy, that I’ll sum up with this word, pompous. If you look up pompous in the thesaurus you’ll find some of these terms: arrogant, grandiose, puffed up, vain, conceited, egotistic, condescending, and patronizing. I could have used any of those words to describe him and not missed a beat.

Listening to Trump speak you could be inclined to believe that he is the spokesperson for the Wharton School of Business. He hardly ever does an interview where he doesn’t mention that he graduated from there. But how he managed to insert himself into this presidential race is laughable. First, he strung the media along, that doesn’t take much, claiming he would jump into the race because the country needed him. The news media clung to his every word. Then he announced he would not run because of his commitment to NBC for his reality show The Celebrity Apprentice. He aligned himself with the birthers by making accusations that President Obama was not born in Hawaii, after which he was hugely embarrassed when the president held a press conference and released his long form birth certificate. Actually, Trump claimed he was proud of that moment. He said he had done something others had failed to do. You can’t embarrass this guy.

Now Trump’s show is about to start again and I guess the previews and ads are just not getting the word out because he is back to grab headlines by endorsing a republican candidate. But wait there is more, if that candidate doesn’t do well he is leaving the door open to enter as a third-party candidate.

Trump has a boatload of baggage, all of which I could list here if I had 24 hours to waste, so I am not surprised by his endorsement of any candidate in this endless clown show. He should feel right at home with Mitt or Newt, one is a rich guy who is out of touch with the average person and an unintended truth teller by way of gaffes and the other is a rich guy who is a serial adulterer with a massive ego of his own.

I’m irked by the notion that I should give a damn. How many times do we have to go down this road? No more sideshows until we get through the one already underway starring the GOP’s finest.

Update: Trump picked Mitt.

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