It’s Valid

If you know someone having difficulty as a result of making a life changing mistake, chances are they are sorry for that. They are angry at themselves and nothing short of being able to go back in time and change that wrong will satisfy them.

Retreating into a cocoon of silent disapproval when you can help someone, makes their situation into an ordeal about you.

If you have never made a mistake in your life, please stand up and take a bow. Sure some mistakes are more serious than others, and carry different consequences but nonetheless once the mistakes are made they must be dealt with so life can move forward.

Our lives are full of expectations we have for ourselves and expectations that we lay at the feet of others, sometimes even without their knowledge and consent. We have to let go of the idea that we are capable of moving through life unscathed and flawless, otherwise how will we ever evolve.

Imagine living your life every day under the judgment of people who think that because you have been given everything to be successful you will never make mistakes, complain or have the audacity to believe that you deserve to be heard.

Never deny someone the opportunity to share their feelings. You may not like how it sounds, but it is their truth. It doesn’t have to be your experience to be valid. Let them feel.

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Don’t You Dare Ask Me That definition:
Thug, noun \ˈthəg\ : a violent criminal; a brutal ruffian or assassin: gangster, tough

After the State of the Union address a reporter, Michael Scotto, was asking Rep. Michael Grimm about the president’s speech, but then Scotto changed the subject and asked a question about an investigation into fundraising violations involving a donor to Grimm’s 2010 campaign. That’s when Rep. Grimm got angry. Here is the video:

“I’m not speaking about anything’s that off-topic, this is only about the president,” Grimm told Scotto before walking away.
Then, while the camera was still recording, Grimm returned to say:
“Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I’ll throw you off this f——-g balcony.”
Scotto asked: “Why? Why? This is a valid question.”
To which Grimm said: “No, no, you’re not man enough, you’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.”

I don’t know, but something tells me if Rep. Grimm were black he would be labeled a thug. What do you think?

Update: It has been reported that after standing by his actions earlier, Rep. Michael Grimm has apologized to the reporter he threatened.

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Lame, Sad, Stupid Idiots Behind the Computer Screen

Richard Sherman has the right to say anything he wants, and say it however he wants to say it. You also have the right to respond to what he said by voicing your opinion about his statements. Going beyond sharing your displeasure and making vile and racist comments is crossing the line.

Sherman expressed himself after the Seahawks beat the 49ers. The shit hit the fan because he dared to go on a rant about being the best at what he does, mentioning an opposing player and according to some scared the life out of Erin Andrews. I need more convincing to believe that Erin Andrews was afraid considering she is in that environment doing her job all the time. The shit especially hit the fan on Twitter as the racists came out in droves to call him a dumb, arrogant, ignorant nigger. Some even threatening to rape his future children. Don’t believe me? Read it here at Deadspin.

People came out to defend Sherman by pointing out his positive qualities and that’s very nice. But Sherman shouldn’t need qualifiers, such as he graduated from Stanford, or he is a good guy, for people to refrain from calling him or anyone for that matter, racial slurs. If someone doesn’t speak the way ‘society’ thinks they should select people get their panties in a wad and the Internet becomes the Wild West. Others just lie in wait for something to happen so they can try to dehumanize anybody. Another disturbing fact is that a lot of these racial slurs are from teens.

You can dislike people without calling them niggers, but for some those two things go hand in hand. Racists don’t like minorities and no matter what you do or what you say it won’t be good enough for them. You could be wearing a three-piece suit seven days a week fluent in 20 different languages curing cancer and it won’t change how a racist sees you.

I’m certain about another thing when it comes to racist bigots they are threatened by the very existence of minorities and may or may not believe the vile things they are saying. But they are damn sure counting on minorities believing those dreadful things about themselves.

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They Don’t Want Your Apology

Keep telling yourself that you are morally superior to the Right because you step up and apologize unnecessarily. The Left misses every opportunity to control the narrative because they are so desperate to please everyone they end up pissing off everyone. In the meantime conservatives take whatever liberals have said and twist it so far out of shape it makes your head spin.

Democrat’s ideas and policies are real threats to conservatives, e.g. raising the minimum wage, and the Right will do anything to make sure those policies to help poor and impoverished people are derailed. Conservatives distract the media and silly people with dumb shit so hopefully you don’t notice what they are really up to. They are trying to dismantle and prevent any legislation that helps anyone except the one percent.

Melissa Harris-Perry apologized to the Romney family because she is a class act and I’m sure her bosses at MSNBC required that she do so. But the vultures on the right weren’t looking for an apology. They want her and anyone who thinks like her to be fired. How do I know this? I know because the incident Harris-Perry was apologizing for was not that big of a deal. Sure it was insensitive to a degree, but the outrage that followed was way overblown. We had the “freedom of speech” supporters who rallied behind Phil Robertson in support of his vile language and views calling for her to be fired for a joke gone wrong. Give me a break.

Giving in to the hate machine on the Right was a problem that started long before the MHP Show baby-gate segment. MSNBC fires people for using analogies to point out stupidity, racist and hateful things people like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and others let roll off their tongues every time they open their mouths. Joe Scarborough, on the other hand, sits on TV for three hours each weekday and lies about the president along with most of his republican guests and… crickets. Fox News hasn’t fired anyone for offensive comments and lies told by the three bobble heads on that morning show or any of the hosts in prime time. A solution to this apology problem has to start with each MSNBC host exercising restraint when talking about the loons in the Republican Party. Don’t make jokes about them. Report the ridiculous things they say and discuss the racist, hateful or dumb policy proposals conservatives make and move on.

The Left doesn’t know how to play the shame game in the media and that sets us back tremendously. Part of the reason they are so bad at it is because not only do conservatives take to the streets with pitchforks and torches, but also some who call themselves progressives join them. I can’t count the times I’ve read and heard “We are morally superior or we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.” Really, you don’t already know that you’re at a higher standard than a racist? Somehow, we’ve gotten lost and believe that we will be called hypocrites if we don’t get on our knees and beg forgiveness from a bunch of people who will settle for nothing unless it’s our scalps.

From now on, when the Right demands a liberal be fired for a comment or action they don’t like, the Left should counter that demand. We’ll apologize as soon as you apologize for calling President Obama a Kenyan, Muslim, communist, witch doctor with chimpanzees as parents.

Clearly, Melissa Harris-Perry did the right and the best thing considering, and I still have some evolving to do.

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Spoiler Etiquette

SpoilerFriday morning I caught a segment on CBS This Morning about spoiler etiquette and how people watch TV today; on the web and binge watching. Apparently earlier in the week Gayle King said that a character from Breaking Bad had been killed in last week’s episode. She received a lot of feedback from disgruntled fans of the show, as well as, from some producers on CBS This Morning for spoiling the episode they hadn’t watched yet.

Gayle talked about the blow back she received and said that she didn’t think it was her responsibility to not talk about a show that has already aired. I agree with Gayle. On Sunday night I’m going to make a choice about what show I want to watch. I can tell you now that at 9PM ET I will be watching Breaking Bad on AMC. At the same time Boardwalk Empire, Revenge, The Good Wife, and Homeland airs, all shows that I watch and will give up the wish that they remain on the do not discuss publicly list. I am making a choice just like the people who are choosing not to watch one of the most talked about series finales this year will do.

If you make the choice not to watch the initial airing of any show you must accept the reality that you’ll hear, see or read something about the show before you get around to watching it. It’s just that simple. We make choices. It is not my responsibility to wait for people I don’t know to watch a show sometime in the future before I can talk or tweet about it.

I will not blurt out intricate details of any show, but if you don’t watch a show when it airs you need to be responsible enough to accept that you might have to watch the show already knowing a few things that happened. Look, don’t blame me because you couldn’t stay off of social media. Tune in and watch Breaking Bad when it airs or you know the deal.

P.S. For the most part, I like spoilers. I even look for them sometimes.

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News, Ugh. Period.

notnewsNews is anything but news these days. The obsession with the “IRS scandal” is nauseating. I’ll never understand how I can have more information about a topic than journalists, whose job it is to know and inform the public. Network news is like a place you go to listen to headlines being read to you out loud with zero information attached.

If all you do is rely on TV news to get your information you are at a huge knowledge disadvantage. For instance, you will never hear about the real IRS scandal, that the Tea Party groups whining and crying about being targeted by the IRS really should not be getting tax-exempt status in the first place, according to the actual law. How about having them pay back all the money they owe the government and disclose their secret donors. That would be a story.

TV news should spend some time showing the statements and questions being asked by the elected republican officials on these committees. I guarantee it would make your jaw drop to hear just how dumb and uninformed these people are. Some of them don’t understand the 5th Amendment. Others believe that they are more qualified than medical doctors about life threatening health situations. And there are still others like Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight Committee, who was indicted for stealing a car, accused of stealing another car, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, suspected of insurance fraud (twice), and investigated for arson, who has the nerve to call the President corrupt. Give me a break.

TV news is incapable of guiding a message to inform; instead they look to Republicans who don’t have a stitch of credibility for useless garbage to talk about. If you depend on one source to get your news please make other arrangements, soon. Also, your company is just one conference away from being embroiled in a scandal of wasteful spending. We know that this has nothing to do with the real story, because the real story isn’t even being reported, right? God forbid you are forced to attend one of these mandatory conferences, we just might see you in a video dancing badly.

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Some Yearbook Photos

MrBurnsA parent decides to recruit players and become the coach for the town lacrosse team at the urging of his kids, who had a sudden interest in the sport. After a couple of years coaching the town lacrosse team it was time for the kids to move onto high school, where he gave up the coaching position. For the first two years of high school, this parent’s younger son played lacrosse and the parent seemed on the up and up for the most part, although thinking back there were signs that he was a sneak.

This parent’s schemes actually came to light this year, his son’s senior year of high school and the son’s final year as a varsity lacrosse player. This parent pretended to be an innocent bystander all the while manipulating everything related to the lacrosse team; the coaching staff, the team roster and even how other players should be treated or shunned. He propelled his son to captain of the team. He was party to paying the assistant coach with booster club funds and withholding team merchandise from a player. Four years, six or so if you count the town team, of having and executing a devious plan to secure his son’s position on the lacrosse team and…

After all the manipulating, backstabbing and disgusting conduct this parent engaged in on his son’s behalf, and on behalf of another mediocre player; his son was sub par, the coach was horrible and the lacrosse team was terrible. To tell you just how terrible, they actually went into overtime with a team whose record was 1 – 12, and they only won that game by 1 point. This parent and his son have nothing to show for that asshole behavior except a couple of lacrosse yearbook photos. The underhanded sly maneuvering did not even land this parent’s son a lacrosse scholarship or even an admission to a shit college.

I have no idea what he accomplished other than giving us a model for the type of douche bag people you need to look out for and keep at a distance.

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I’m Done Tweeting about the TV Show, Scandal

Scandal2I’m still hanging on and splitting hairs. I’m admitting that I got caught up in the excitement surrounding ABC’s Scandal starring Kerry Washington. And with that admission I’m also making another admission – I won’t be tweeting about the show anymore and I might not even check in on GetGlue. I said might not.

I like to check out the popular shows and see what all the drama is about. I like Kerry Washington as an actress and I like seeing her in prime time and I decided I would watch this show even though I am not a fan of any other Shonda Rhimes’ creations. A few months ago I wrote about Scandal, listing a few things that annoyed me about the show. I believe I left out the part about Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington’s character, having an affair with the President of the United States. Well, that is at the top of the list of criticisms I have about this show.

Scandal is face-paced and each week there is a different plot. So, it is possible to start watching the show from any point and catch onto the storyline. The affair bothered me from the very beginning, but I have kept watching it because a few times Olivia was brought close to redemption and no one is above making mistakes. I’m sad to say that all of the progress has unraveled and we are back to square one.

Reading tweets and Facebook during the show is interesting. The most wholesome family people, as they present themselves on social media, are in heavenly bliss watching this successful, intelligent, beautiful, independent woman yearn for a married man. And not just any married man – the POTUS. I can’t even get into how much damage would be caused if this relationship were to become public.

If I asked a half-dozen people why they don’t have a problem with the affair, I can almost certainly tell you what the answer would be – this is a fictional show. But this isn’t fiction because everyone knows someone who is or has been a willing participant in an affair with a married man or woman. And they know it is wrong. A lot of the same people are also watching reality shows and coming down hard on the cast members who make asses of themselves and rightfully so, I guess. This is Kerry Washington and she is attractive so she gets a pass.

The Scandal affair is being justified partly because the first lady is depicted as a scheming, manipulative person. The character, Mellie, is a woman who is easy for viewers to dislike and they always wish the worst for her because she is mean so she deserves whatever she gets. Too many shows these days paint the spouse as a demon, hard to get along with, an easy to disrespect type character. Although there are many spouses that definitely fit that description I would argue that it is not the only reason to give for a character to choose to go outside the marriage.

I don’t write dialogue for TV or movies and I can’t pretend that I could write for Scandal. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all the hypocrisy or just the storyline that gets to me. Most times it’s the storyline because people flip-flop or rationalize all the time to suit their needs. Or maybe it comes from being a woman and realizing that once more a female who seems to have everything she needs has to place herself in the most ridiculous set of circumstances when she is capable of better.

I know that this show could do better so why does it have to revolve around this distasteful relationship? Stop acting like it’s some fairy tale love story – it’s cheating! And for Pete’s sake can someone stop Olivia Pope from bouncing up and down so much when she walks because her hair is going to take flight.

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